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Towny Guide

Towny Website

- Please note this guide is a work in progress and will be evolved with time. Please submit any questions or uncertainties to the discord so it can be added here. If this guide is unsuitable you can search the internet for better guides.

- To see the prices to create towns and nations, type /towny prices in game.

- Townblock expansion price: 500, increasing 20s for each new block.

- Currently the town size limit is 25 townblocks per resident.

- Town upkeep (server tax) is currently 2s for a town (no tax for hermits) and 5s for a nation daily. If a town/nation does not have money in the town/capital bank at tax collection time, the town will be deleted and all residents kicked

- The towny taxes on this server are collected at 6:00pm EST / 23:00 GMT

What is a town?

A town can be founded for a price, to start off you get one town block. A townblock is a unit of land, which is a minecraft chunk (16x256x16). You can view chunks if you hold F3 then press G. These townblocks can be customized with different plots to the (founder) mayor's liking and sold to other players. The mayor may invite players to their town and charge them tax. A mayor can also configure the town and purhcase more townblocks. Mayors can sell land to residents

Town map

Use /towny map to see a map of the surrounding plots

Selling land

The land is sold by Mayors to Residents that are a part of their town. Mayors have a command used in-game to set the cost of all the plots that are set for sale hence-forth: /town set plotprice [$] This sets the cost of newly-set-for-sale plots, already set-for-sale plots keep their costs. If it is not set, the plots will cost $0 by default. To put a plot up for sale a mayor, while standing in the plot, type /plot forsale [optional cost] The resident would then type /plot claim while standing in the plot to buy it.


Taxes are collected on the town-level from residents and on the nation-level from towns. Any player can check the taxes which apply to them with the in-game command /res tax

What is a nation

A nation has a nation capital (the town that founded the nation). A nation gives towns bonuses like extra available land for the capital (or towns if enabled),as well as free nationzone land surrounding your nation. Nations can also go to war with eachother.


Outposts are townblocks that don't have to be connecting to your town which can be claimed for a price. Currently 4000s.

Town Plots

There are diffent types of available plot types: Plots are designated with /plot set (x) A mayor can use /town set (x)price {$$} to set how much x plots are sold at by default.


As of Towny, towns (typically mayors by default, but possibly other town ranks,) can set a list of Outlaws. Outlaws are set using ‘/own outlaw [add/remove] [name]’ and the command requires the towny.command.town.outlaw permission node. Outlaws can be any player and do not have to be in a town or nation. If the newly-minted outlaw is a member of your town they will be kicked. Towns that have themselves set to Open-status (anyone can join using the ‘/town join’ command,) can use the outlaw list to prevent these players from joining their town freely. Players that enter into a town where they are considered to be an outlaw will see a warning-title-message informing them. If a player is online and they are made into an Outlaw they will see a message in chat. Outlaws can be jailed if they die in the town where they are considered to be an outlaw. This requires the jail.is_jailing_attacking_outlaws option in the Towny config.yml to be set to true. It also requires the person who’s done the killing to have the towny.outlaw.jailer permission node. It also requires the town to own at least one jail plot. By default only Mayors, Assistants and Sheriff ranks have the towny.outlaw.jailer permission node. A town member can view their town’s outlaw list using /town outlawlist. Anyone can view any town’s outlawlist using /town outlawlist {townname}>/tt>

Town desertion and plot unclaiming

Towny Town/Nation ranks and titles