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Runecraft Terminology:


GOLDEN RULE: **USE COMMON SENSE** If you doubt you are doing the right thing - ask a moderator or admin! Not knowing the rules is not an acceptable excuse.

All rule-breaking is prone to ban, or punishment.

You are responsible for your own account. Any action taken or rules broken on it are your responsibility. No other player may have access to it.

Server wide rules:

Build rules

Everything you build must conform to our roleplay world and lore. We penalize for any ugly, unrealistic, or physics-defying builds, and will destroy them.

No obnoxious constructions such as..

Light world: Do not unnecessary break blocks or mess with nature

Dark world: Rules are more lenient, is a place of anarchy.

If you have a question or if anything is unclear in any way shape or form, ask it in suggestions as we are still working on the rules until launch. This applies to everything. Although things such as explosions and fire are ALLOWED in the dark world, it is prohibited to intentionally slow down or attempt to crash the server by any means or to blow up/burn things wildly for no reason. Setting fire to a whole forest for fun or exploding TNT just to create lag will result in a ban

Roleplay rules