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Blocks you cant mine in the lightworld

Aether Apples and Home Dust




The aether is the mysterious dimension of the gods. If you're not part of a town, you will respawn in the aether. If you are part of a town you will respawn in the town. Inside the aether is the god tree. You can also reach the aether with aether apples. In the basement of the shack you can find Aether-Alley. Shopkeepers in aether ally can be hired by purchasing it in the website store and then posting on the discord support page

Light World

Dark World

Dark World Portals and Light World Portals

Dark World Portals or simply Dark Portals are used to reach the dark world from the light world. Light portals are used to reach the Light World from the Dark World. The light world area is a circle with a 10,000 block radius. The Dark World is a circle with a 5,000 block radius. Taking the dark portal at the centre of the light world will take you to the centre of the dark world (0,0 coordinates in both worlds). The other dark portals are at all the possible combinations of -+5000 and 0, for a total of 9 portals (N E S W NW NE SW SE). A dark portal at +5000,0 (Eastern Portal) would take you to 2500,0 in the dark world. Likewise, a light portal at -2500-2500 (northwestern light portal) would take you to -5000,-5000 in the light world. This means that travelling in the dark world will take you double the distance in light world.

Using portals

To use a dark portal, simply step in the water and do not move your character (wasd) at all, or you will die. Once you have fallen to safety, jump off the light portal building onto a safe block or into water (if available) to avoid fall damage (otherwise you will take half a heart in damage). To use the light portal, jump in the hole.

God Tree

The importance of the god-tree is unknown. All that is known is that the aetherian gods require rune crystals to sustain it. Inside the god tree you will find teleporters to OUTSIDE of various dark world portal locations IN THE LIGHTWORLD: The North, South, West, East, and Central dark portals. Going upwards in the god tree will take you north, down will take you south, straight will take you to the centre portal, left west, and east right.