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Create your own shop

To create a player shop, you will need a shopkeeper permit and a chest. Shops can only be created in town shop plots. First, Place a chest close to where you want your shop to be, and put the items inside. Second, right-click in air while holding your shopkeeper permit (not on a block) to cycle through the different shop types (normal, book, buying, and trading). You can also hold sneak while right-clicking to cycle through the shopkeeper object types (villager, witch, ..). Then, right click on a chest to select it, and then right click on another block to place the shopkeeper at that location.

You can set your shopkeepers for hire to other players (sell them) by holding the price you would like to sell it for in your hand, and typing /shopkeeper setforhire while targeting a chest.

Deleting your shopkeeper will give you back your permit

How to create a bank in your own town