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This website and guide assumes you know how vanilla minecraft functions. If you don't know how minecraft functions you should check out a wiki before continuing.

What is Runecraft?

Runecraft is a minecraft server known for its gamemode "Darkworlds survival". Runecraft is the original creator of the darkworlds survival gamemode. Runecraft: Darkworlds is a pre-modern, medieval style, nation building, survival server with a softcore roleplaying element. The softcore roleplaying ensures that players do not build ugly things which are out of place such as pixel art.

What's Darkworlds Survival?

Darkworlds survival is a new way of playing survival minecraft. It consists of multiple dimensions, the main ones being The Light World, and The Dark World.

Light World

The light world is the world where the sun rises and sets, but materials like ores, coal and obsidian, sand, can not be mined. If you try to mine them, they will break but not drop an item. Monsters and animals also do not drop any loot or exp when killed.

Nature must be preserved here, buildings must be very well crafted, and other resource collecting which changes the natural landscape is prohibited. You may protect your blocks and items in the lightworld with the towny town system. You may create a town/settlement or join one.

PvP is global on the light world, so do not let your guard down.

Dark World

The Dark World is the place where it is always night. You can access the dark world via various dark world portals from the light world. The monsters here are abundant and more dangerous. You may mine ores here in this dangerous dimension, and monsters will drop items and exp. The dark world is reset every month or two or whenever it is seen to be appropriate. **One week's notice will be given in the discord announcment channel**

The dark world does not have as many regulations as the light world, and things such as TnT and fire spread are allowed. It is a dangerous lawless realm of anarchy. The only real rule is not to make it impossible for others to leave by placing or removing blocks, killing is fine.

If you want to join, read all the tabs before "community". Faq may help you.

Discord: https://discord.gg/wwUcwdd

Version History:

pre alpha development. March-April 2018, and December 2018-January 18 2019
Alpha January 18 2019 - limited access. Game testing for major issues and bugs, playable but Open at random times, can request in discord for server to be opened. Website incomplete, game prone to changes often.

Beta - closed launch. Open at scheduled times. - Adding new features + WIKI. Currently politics are held on discord.
Launch -open to public Open 24/7, dedicated host.

Please note the map may be reset for version changes, depending how everything goes.

Runecraft is a pay what you want model. Donations are encouraged to pay for server costs if you enjoy your time. Donations go towards the cost of the server, which is expensive. If you do not wish to donate, you are free to play as long as you want.