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New Players.

Start off by completing the set up page, then log into the game.

The IP can be requested in the Discord by simply saying "!ip", as we are still in alpha. Server status can be seen on discord "server-messages" page, and note that ip can change sometimes.

Register a password, write it down and do not forget it. If you lose this password you will never be able to access your account. When you first spawn you will be transported through a dimensional rift (jump into the hole) to a prison with a magic barrier which you can leave by being approved (application). Make your application. You must have logged in once with the resource packs and optifine to be approved. You will find out when you are approved through discord.

New player guide

Once approved type "/kit bones" and make sure to talk to the dark world skeleton as well as all the NPCS (right-click) before entering the portal. DONT FORGET TO scroll through all the NPC options by clicking the left and right arrows!!. Only get one of each item option. Once completed, the portal will take you to a random location in the light world. You can never return so make sure youve grabbed one of each item. It's smart to wait until day time before walking into the wilderness portal.

Once you walk through the portal, if it's night time we suggest you take basic shelter until morning. The first thing you should do in the lightworld is build shelter and set your bed somewhere hidden Once you've done this. A good suggestion as a first thing to do while in the lightworld is to cut wood for sticks and crafting tables in the darkworld, and fish to get some food. You can make charcoal with the wood to cook fish or burn planks. You could also start a farm if you find some plants. You can also find a town with an inn and sleep there, as the bed there cannot be destroyed. Once you've collected enough food and wood, use the aether apple provided to you at the spawn (or walk to a dark portal). You will be taken to the aether, where you can enter the god tree. Choose a direction in the god tree and make your way to the dark world. You can stay in the darkworld as long as you like. Just make sure you follow announcements, there is a week notice until its deleted, so you'll have to take out all your items from the dark world. When you are done in the dark world, you can go through a light portal and use the home dust to return to your bed, or walk. Next time you go to the aether make sure you bring iron/silver and or gold to buy more aether apples and plenty of redstone blocks for home dust.

Forgot if you're in the lightworld or darkworld?

Look at the sun/moon. If the sky is moving then you are in the lightworld. If not, you are in the darkworld or the aether/godtree. It should be obvious if you are there. If you are underground. Check the clock which was given to you at spawn.

Chat guide

[Stone] is the channel you are talking in. Nation is your nation, Town is your town. Leader is your town title, steelropes is your name, Stoneman is your clan. clans and last names can be purchased.


The spirit isles are in the middle of the map. PvP is disabled, building is disabled, and mobs do not spawn. You can fly here by double pressing spacebar

Cutting trees

Please replant saplings and fully cut your trees so no leaves are floating.

Getting aether apple and homedust when you've died and run out.

In the spirit-isles (centre-of the map), there is a wizard who will give you an aether apple for the price of 32 blocks of coal. Once you get to the aether, they can be received easier. You can also buy them from other players.

Home dust is a really great item to have. It teleports you to your bed-home from anywhere on the entire lightworld map. It can be purchased in the aether.