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Make sure you have read all the tabs on the site and have read the new player guide.

Apply on the applications page on Discord (.gg/wwUcwdd) with the format below. Make sure you have read every page before the community tab. To prevent malicious users, your discord account must be email verified.

Play with a friend! - Purchase in store - Free in Alpha/Beta

If you are accepted you will be in a tutorial spawn zone before being random warped to somewhere on the map. If you'd like, before you leave the starting zone, you can bring a friend or multiple with you. To do this, First purchase it from the store, then submit a request in the request section in discord in the following format:

How to do it

It's best to wait until daytime to walk through the portal. You will all need to be online at the same time to do this. The leader should walk through the portal. The party members should NOT walk through the portal. Instead they should type "/tpa {partyleadername}" (You can use the minecraft username or the character name to teleport). The leader can then accept the teleport request. As soon as this is completed, please make a request again in the following format: